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Made of stainless steel and high quality components. Perfect for home or the office daily. Small but robust. The ideal companion of the Steel machine!

i-steel von ASCASO

Stainless steel body. Polished or treated with a high-quality varnish, black or white textured matt.

The milling equipment is made from special tempered steel. The same steel as used in professional high-performance coffee grinders. Service life: 600 kg.

2 models:

  • I-1 Brass group and steel milling wheels (54 mm diameter).
  • I-2 Grupo de plastic y steel grinding cones.

  • icrometric adjustment* allows maximum grind adjustment.

Adjustment limit, in just a few seconds, the perfect grind point can be found.

Coffee grinding adjustment. Enables viewing of the grind selected. Made from stainless steel and laser-etched.

250gr hopper with fitted cover. Optional 600-g hopper.

Electronic timer. This means the desired
amount can be supplied by activating a timer switch (opcional).

Hopper lid and graduation knob in wood (optional).

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