Iberital Tandem

Friendly - All around The sleek and versatile companion that fits seamlessly into any environment.

Iberital Tandem von IBERITAL

Meet the Iberital Tandem

Coffee lover, meet Tandem. Tandem, meet coffee lover. We are proud to present you Tandem, an all-around espresso machine with an iconic design that is easy to use, powerful, and attractive in any setting.

Tandem means teamwork
We’ve explored insights around the world to bring with the best solutions to your everyday barista life. Starting from the edgy knob for better precision and the perfect shape of the steam pipes to our removable cup basket. Every detail has been thought to make Tandem the best companion to face everyday needs.

The only basket you will ever want
Tandem’s design began with you and your habits in mind. A simple detail conceived to achieve superior handling and control of your brewing tools. Our rational, nordic-inspired and removable basket will help you move cups, dishes and jars around. Sometimes, the most useful features are the simple ones.

The partner you can rely on
Tandem provides the finest temperature stability to help you brew the freshest cups.
Its new wand is magical with Latte art.

  • High-design is our blueprint*
    We’ve partnered once again with Andreu Carulla and ACID studio to create Tandem. A machine with a sleek, iconic and robust design that fits seamlessly into any environment.
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