Barista T

Professional. Very sturdy. Perfect for establishments with medium-high coffee consumption.

Barista T von ASCASO

Multi-group (separate) technology with PID control
High professional-grade performance: Thermal stability guaranteed (in continuous or intermittent use). High steam production (separate, high-volume boiler).

Clean coffee
Minimal metal migration to the beverage through the use of stainless steel.
Complies with European regulation EN 16889

Freshly Delivered Water
Avoiding the use of standing, constantly reheated water to make the coffee. The water for each coffee comes directly from the mains supply, taking fresh, filtered water to the group. Without affecting the water’s oxygen and improving the coffee’s taste.

Energy efficiency
One of the T technology’s key goals was to reduce the machine’s energy consumption. We deliver a 50% average saving compared with a traditional machine and 25% compared with other multiboiler machines.


  • Barista T Zero
  • Barista T One
  • Barista T Plus

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i-Mini + Barista T (Super heiss)

Aluminium Hand-polished
This finish is achieved by polishing each part by hand, one by one.
Any irregularities on the polished surface are the result of this laborious hand-crafted process that makes each piece unique.

  • High-quality materials and components
  • Aluminium Hand-polished
  • Professional milling
  • Professional grinding groups
  • Micrometric adjustment
  • Adjustment limit
  • Coffee grinding adjustment
  • Electronic timer
  • 250-g hopper
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